Wednesday, 31 August 2011

High Blood Pressure And Bloodshot Eyes/Red Eyes

If you have bloodshot or red eyes, does this mean you might have high blood pressure?

There is a small possibility that you might. In extreme cases of high blood pressure, damage occurs to the eyes though usually to the retina and this can only be observed by an eye doctor who will shine a torch to illuminate your retina which is at the back of the eyeball (it's where images are focused in the eyeball). Many people are diagnosed with high blood pressure in this way and who previously had no idea that they had this condition.

However, that does not mean that bloodshot eyes can ever be a reliable indicator of high blood pressure. In the vast majority of cases, there are no visible symptoms at all. That is why high blood pressure is also known as the "silent killer". Do not wait for visible symptoms because that is like playing with fire and is a crazy strategy to take for your personal health.

The other thing to also remember is that bloodshot eyes can have many, many different causes. Often, there may be nothing wrong with you at all. At other times, it could be a side effect of drugs. Many times it will simple be a result of your environment e.g. due to cigarette smoke. Bloodshot eyes on a regular basis needs checking out by your doctor anyway but there is no reason to think that the cause will be extremely high blood pressure worthy of an emergency visit to the hospital, more likely it will be something else.

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